Atid has a staff of professional translators who are hard at work translating the entire Israeli "Bagrut" curriculum for young olim students who have great difficulty learning the regular Hebrew educational materials.

This innovative and highly successful project has given despairing students new hope and incentive to complete their high-school learning requirements so that they can continue on to institutions of higher learning.

Digital curriculum


This summer project keeps students off the streets by giving them the responsibility of preparing a Digital Curriculum for teachers for the upcoming school year. These Power Point presentations cover the entire course in Tanach. At the same time that the students find creative ways to display the material, they learn everything they need to know for the upcoming year. The income which they receive for their work helps build feelings of self-esteem and, in several cases, has provided needed extra income for their families.

Facebook Talmud


This exciting project has our students "transforming" the Israel Ministry of Education course requirements in Talmud into a "cool" Facebook format where the Talmudic Sages have their own Facebook pages and engage each other in lively forums and "chats." It's something students relate to in a fun and student-friendly fashion, making the once seemingly dry pages of Talmud come alive in their eyes and their ears.