About Us


“For over two years, I hadn’t had a conversation with any adult that lasted for more than two minutes. Rabbi Samson approached me, and we spoke for half an hour. He attended my trials in court, got me a reduced punishment, and invested so much in me. I decided to start investing in myself.”

Atid is a unique organization that works with Jewish youth at risk.

Under the leadership of Rabbi David Samson, Atid Has established six schools and a rehabilitation farm.

Over one hundred staff members including teachers, social workers, clinical psychologists, doctors, dieticians, youth directors, and rabbis penetrate the layers of resentment, anger and rebellion to work with the students in a five-step rehabilitation process.

  1. We first make sure they have food, clothing and shelter.
  2. Our sensitive staff then finds the proper personalized rehabilitation program for those who suffer from substance or sexual abuse.
  3. We then work with clinical psychologists and rabbis to facilitate communication between our students and their families.
  4. Next, our social workers find suitable jobs which provide a framework in which the kids regain self-esteem.
  5. Finally, we work on an individualized evening program with each and every student in order to insure his or her successful completion of high school and return to society.