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Yerushalayim Torah Academy (Y.T.A) is a Yeshiva High School for English speakers located in Yerushalayim.

It is designed especially for the Oleh and offers a new and innovative program that has become the model for the Ministry of Education.

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YTA High School for Girls was established two years ago in Jerusalem and currently offers 9, 10 and 11th grades.

YTA provides a warm, nourishing academically challenging environment to all of its students. Students are prepared in both Jewish and Secular subjects for all of their bagrut/matriculation exams.

As part of our extensive extra curricular program, the students leave school on a weekly basis and participate in volunteer work, tiyulim and archaeological excavations. These various activities assist the students in acclimating into their new life in Israel.

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Established in 2011 in conjunction with MIdrashiat Noam in Kfar Saba MTA services the English speaking olim in the Tel-Aviv area. This school is established with state of the art fully computerized classrooms for digital teaching.

Lech lecha


Not finding themselves in conventional educational frameworks, they came to Atid’s Yeshivat Lech Lecha, where the classroom is the outdoors, and the teachers are Land Rover jeep driving rabbis.

In the first-of-its-kind institution, Israel’s most complex high school dropouts face intense educational expeditions.

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When other schools expel them, Maale Erev Boys High School takes them in.

Maale Erev addresses the needs of teenage drop-outs on the brink of despair. Plagued with family difficulties, and emotional, social, and learning problems, they have become alienated from themselves, their families, their peers, and from their religious Jewish identity.

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Hundreds of Jerusalem's young girls have no school, no job, no hope for the future. Many have turned to drugs and self-destructive behavior.

When a young woman is placed in the accepting environment of Maale Erev High School for Girls, she is surrounded by a dedicated, emotionally-motivated staff which cares more about her than her grades. This is step one to a healthier, more positive future.