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With Atid Your Future is Ours

How do you get a teenage dropout off the street?

For more than a decade, Atid and its staff of committed educators, guidance counselors, rabbis, and psychologists have been dedicated to saving Israeli youth at risk. Thousands of teenagers have found hope and a new beginning at Atid. Rescued from a head-on course with disaster and a cycle of self-destructive behavior, these students have successfully finished high school requirements at Atid's dynamic and caring frameworks, and have entered Tzahal, National Sherut Leumi Service, and institutions of higher learning, successfully joining the workforce of the country and starting families of their own.

Under the creative leadership of Rabbi David Samson, noted scholar, educator, and author, Atid creates a positive, non-judgmental environment where each student is guided towards a renewed belief in himself and in his, or her, future.